Mirror C Livestock
4841 Bennett Rd
Millsap, TX 76066
Clay Cowdrey: 817-771-9256
Devonna Cowdrey: 817-319-2228
Home: 940-682-4355


Mirror C is a brand that reflects quality livestock.  We currently raise Red Angus cattle and Boer cross meat goats. Both species have to live and work in the real world atmosphere of North Central Texas, but are also expected to be taken to town to compete against the most elite of their peers.

If you are in search of a commercial or registered herd bull, we can help. If it is a show heifer or show wether you need to go compete with, we can help there as well.

At Mirror C Livestock we do not chase single trait genetics. We strive to breed right down the middle, producing animals that will consistently yield pounds of meat, have easy breed back and possess structural soundness time after time.